Mr. Beast Net Worth – Biography, Age, Income Source, Yt Channel

Mr. Beast Net Worth Wiki, Age, Biography, and Other More: Mr. Beast (Born 7 May 1998) in real his name is Jimmy Donaldson he is known Mr. Beast by his youTube Channel. Mr. Beast is an American youTuber, his subscriber bond is about 69.8 Million it’s sound crazy having 69.8 million subscribers on YouTube in 9 years. He started his youTube Channel in February 2012. He basically create stunt’s content that people love alot and make him famous by sharing his content. And he is also founder of Mr. Beast Burger and co-creator of Team Trees, as a fundraiser for the Arbor Day Foundation, which has raised over $23 million.

He started his career as youTuber when he was at age 13, as “MrBeast6000” that time he use to make video on “Guessing the wealth of other YouTubers” And one of his videos went viral in 2007, As soon as this video was made and 10 thousand views started coming on each video. Since then his life became a new milestone and today he has made a bond of 69.8 Subscriber.

Mr. Beast Net Worth

Personal information

Real Name Jimmy Donaldson
Yt ChannelMr. Beast
Born7 May 1998
BirthplaceUnited State

Mr. Beast Net Worth

Mr. Beast is an Youtuber, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, of of the famous American Star. His Expensive stunts and challenges enroll him lots of money, and he is well known for them. As a philanthropic streamer, his first video, counting to 100k videos and earned tens of thousands of views in a few days in 2017. Since then, his videos have gained millions of views, and he is becoming more and more famous.

According to estimates, American youTubers earn around $912.4K – $13.8M per year using their YouTube channel only. In 2019, Forbes also listed Mr.Beast channel in the top 10 most popular and most watched channels amazing. Additionally, MrBeast makes money by advertising various products such as Tik Tok, CSGO Lotto, KWID and Tik Tok are the other products they have announced. And his website also allows him to earn money by selling merchandise.

Net Worth$1.5 Million
Income SourceyouTube

Fundraises by Mr. Beast

As we know that Mr. Beast is a American youTuber and he have a good subscriber base through which he had did foundrie planning he named it #TeamTrees in this organization YouTuber Mark Rober also involve, the organization occur at 19:00 UTC on October 25, 2019. And Mr. Beast and Youtuber Mark Robert Destination was to raise $20 million by January 1, 2020, and start plantation by December 2022. Each dollar raised would be exchanged for the planting of a tree by the organization.

And Every dollar donated goes to the Arbor Day Foundation, which will pledges to plant a tree for every dollar donated. The Slow Mo Guys, Ninja, Jacksepticeye, Simone Giertz, and Smarter Every Day, among others, helped draw attention to this concept.

Tree planting began in October 2019 in U.S. national parks. The project is expected to raise more than $ 22 million by May 27, 2020 and reach the $ 20 million goal by May 19, 2020. 2020. Tobias Lütke and Jack Dorsey, Susan Wojcicki and Elon Musk also made significant contributions to the project. Other companies such as Discovery, Verizon, Plants v. Zombies and the Government of Ukraine.

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