What is Crypto Currency? & How it Work – Fully Explained

Once there was a time when there was no any currency all over the world, only at that time people use to exchange things. After all, after long time the inventions of notes and coin take place. And the way of exchange were totally changed. At present this note and coin are important source of exchange. Despite this in modern world there is also alternatively a currency known as “Digital or Virtual Currency” And that currency is knows hai Crypto Currency but the question come in our mind is that “what is crypto currency and how it work” So guys to know exactly What is Crypto Currency continue this post..

Crypto Currency

Now a days every country has it’s own currency’s (money for exchange). For instance India has it’s own currency Rupee ₹, Usa has doller, Saudi Arabia has riyal and many more country has there own currency. Despite this question raised is that actually ‘What is Currency?‘ So the answer is, a money-system, which is recognized by a country and used as a medium of money by the people there. Also, which has any value, it is called currency. That is, in exchange for which any item or service can be bought, it is currency.

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